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+ General

How do I save the Featured Photos?
The Featured Photos are only meant to be inspirational and are not available for download. We are happy to give you any tips to recreate your own version, just email us for help!

How do I remove the watermark?
To remove the watermark in any of our apps just tap on the watermark then follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Why do I have to pay for features?
You don’t have to pay anything for the free versions of our apps. You can still take amazing photos and make stunning edits with all of the free features.

Sadly, we wouldn’t be able to continue building apps if all our products were completely free. Due to the high cost of app development and maintenance we decided to make include in-app purchases rather than charging a fee to download. This way, users can still make great photos at no charge at all and those that want the extra features have the option to pay for them.

We’re constantly updating and adding tons of new features like more editing tools, the option to Collaborate, more layouts, and filters.

How do I get featured?
We choose the Featured Photos from all of the images that are uploaded to Instagram with the tag #easytigerapps or the app name like #splitpic #fontcandy #madewithfused #animalface #moments.

We are looking for the most creative pictures that showcase what can be done with our apps. You can enter as many times as you like, but please keep in mind your profile must be public. You can also direct message us to submit your photos for a chance to be featured.

Where can I read your Privacy Policy or Terms of Service?
The privacy policy can be found here.

How do I get a refund?
If you need help using the app or are experiencing a functionality issue we would love to help you. Please send us an email to You can always contact Apple directly they handle all payment processing including refunds.

I didn't allow the app to access my photos!
You can always update photo access in your device settings. Go to Settings > Privacy > Photos then find the app name and turn the toggle to the on position.

Do you have more apps?
Check out all of the apps we offer by clicking the links for your device below:


Do you have app tutorials?
Check out our Facebook or Vimeo pages for video tutorials, we also have some hints right inside the apps.

To reset them open the app > go to settings > reset hints.

Feature request
Send us an email -- we are always looking for ways we can improve our apps!

Can I use photos from my DropBox?
Currently we don't have Dropbox integrated into our apps. But you can move images from Dropbox to your Camera Roll if you have Dropbox installed on your device.

Open the Dropbox app > find and tap on the photo you'd like to use > tap the save icon at the top right (the arrow with the box) > press "save image".

This will add that photo to your camera roll and you will be able to use it in any of our apps.

+ Split Pic

Where can I find tutorials?
You can check out the Hints section right inside the app for tutorials!. Press the “?” icon on the homepage then swipe to browse the hints.

Can I save in hi-res?
You can select the Export Resolution in the settings menu by tapping the menu icon (3 lines top left) and changing it to High.

Please keep in mind the app saves at the highest resolution for your device or the highest resolution of the images you have selected, it cannot make a low res image into hi res.

One side of my edit is darker/lighter than the other.
Split Pic uses your stock camera functions when photographing. If one side is darker than the other it is an exposure issue. You should tap on something consistent in each frame like the sky or subject so that the app focuses on a similarly lit portion of each photo. You can also try using the exposure lock feature -- it's the lock icon located on the top toolbar.

How did you come up with Split Pic? What’s your inspiration?
We initially came up with the idea for creating Split Pic when we wanted to make an image cloning app. There were very few apps out there that did this well and with ease. So we went out and made the app we wanted, and with your feedback we’ve been evolving Split Pic into so much more than a picture cloning app.

Our main inspiration is making apps that we would like to use! We have developed a passion for making FUN apps and we’re excited to bring you more of our creations.

How do I use the self-timer feature?
The timer is located at top-middle of the camera screen. Tap the clock icon and the timer will automatically pop-up set to 5 seconds. Tap it again to increase the amount of time, then hit the camera button when you're ready to start the countdown. The countdown will begin for each frame automatically.

How do I turn on flash?
To turn your flash on or off touch the thunderbolt icon on the top toolbar (second from the left). Red means it’s on, white means off.

I’m stuck on landscape mode! (iPad)
At this time, landscape is the only orientation for the iPad version of Split Pic. That said, any images should rotate so that you can edit them correctly. You can edit any photo -- landscape or portrait -- and it should not affect the size or orientation of the image after you save it. Just be sure to select "Original Size" when you import a photo. If you are having trouble with the images not appearing correctly, contact us at!

Where can I find the best edits from other users?
With all of the great feedback and photos on Instagram we recently added a Hall of Fame right in the app! Press the menu icon (top left 3 lines) then go to Hall of Fame to see some great photos made with Split Pic. You can also follow us on Instagram to see more incredible edits made with all of our apps!

If you’d like to enter a photo to be added to the Hall of Fame, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #splitpic for a chance to be featured. Make sure your account is public!

Is there a video version of Split Pic?
Check out our app, FUSED. It allows you to blend both photos and videos. You can use the masking tool to create some insane Split Pic style video edits!

Why do I have to log in with Facebook?
Logging in with Facebook grants access to the Collaborations feature. This allows you to collaborate on Split Pic edits with your Facebook friends who also have the app. If you do not want to collaborate you do not need to login with Facebook. You can still have all the functionality of the app without collaborating with friends, that is just an added bonus.

How do I respond to a collaboration?
When you receive the collab just tap on it to accept the project. Then a loading bar will come up as it downloads the images so you can complete your side of the edit.

Make sure you have a strong network connection or you’re on wifi. The collab needs to download so if your connection is too slow it will not open.

What is Split Pic Pro?
Split Pic Pro is a separate app in the app store that has all of the features that are locked in the free version of Split Pic. For Split Pic Pro we really wanted to step up the abilities of the app. We included 29 more layouts, over 20 additional special effect filters, no watermark, and no ads.

Why does the Android version have less features than iOS?
At this point we don't have the same version of Split Pic available for Android devices as we do for iOS. We hope to optimize for all Android devices in the future, but for now we’re focused on perfecting the iOS version.

+ Font Candy/Font Candy+

Can I put text on a video?
We are looking into this feature for the future! We will keep you posted when and if we do release a new feature in Font Candy or a new app.

What is in Font Candy+?
Font Candy+ has over 40 more fonts, no watermark, no ads, and advanced features like the eraser tool. There were so many features we wanted to include it was impossible to contain them in one app! Check out Font Candy+ on the App Store.

Are there any tutorials?
We do have some tutorials in the app. They should play when you open the app for the first time, but if you missed it or need a refresher just open the app > begin a new project > then press the gear icon to go to Settings > press “reset hints” and they will play again.

If you check out the Inspiration section of the app and see a photo you’d like to recreate please let us know and we can help give you instructions.

How do I get shapes?
We have a Shapes pack in the app under the artwork section. There are also several fonts that are shapes, just type a caption then scroll to the bottom of the font list to see all of the shape fonts available.

*You can also get creative with symbols in the app. Try using +, =, > or even emojis. For example, to make triangles try using the letter "A" or "V" in the font Cubop.

Some fonts do not have accented characters or work in all languages?
When the fonts are designed, each character is hand drawn. Some of the designers do not make the additional characters needed for some languages. We do not create the fonts, we only license them.

There are workarounds though. For example, using the apostrophe as a separate caption and then adding it above a vowel will create an accent mark. We are actively searching for more fonts that support international characters as well as a feature that will let you add your own fonts to the app!

Will you release it for Android?
At this point we don't have Font Candy available for Android devices. It is available on both the Apple App Store and the Windows Store. We do hope to create an Android version in the future. Follow us on Instagram @easytigerapps to stay updated on any new apps we have coming!

Can I use photos I’ve made with Font Candy for commercial purposes? (Selling photos / tee shirts / posters / cd covers, etc. made with Font Candy)
The fonts featured in the app are specifically licensed for personal use. Using the app for commercial purposes may get you in trouble with the font designer.

That said, there are some fonts in the app that are available for both personal and commercial use, but only specific ones. Email us for more info on each font.

Can I add my own fonts?
We are adding a feature to Font Candy+ that will allow you to download and import your own fonts so you will have 100% control over your designs. Follow us on Instagram @easytigerapps for app update information!

How do I change the orientation of my text?
We have rotate and curving in the app. You can type your caption then tilt it with your fingers or use the Curve slider bar to curve the text.

If you want the text to follow a specific path like a shape or appear like the letters are getting smaller to add depth I would suggest making each letter its own caption. This way you can place each letter exactly how you want it. You will also have control over the color, fonts, size, etc. independently. A good shortcut is to type your first letter and adjust the font, opacity, color etc. Then you can just press the + icon on the bottom right of the text box, this will duplicate that letter and make it super easy to keep the same settings, then type the next letter you want in the new text box.

Can I add emojis?
You can use emojis in the app as long as you have them installed on your device. You just need to switch to the emoji keyboard when you are typing your caption to add them in.

What’s the Eraser Tool?
The eraser tool is for when you want the words on your photo to appear like they are behind something in the image. You just need to type your caption and set the font, placement, color etc., then press the eraser tool and use your finger to erase the parts of the text you want removed. The eraser tool has various sizes and strengths which you can adjust as needed. We also added a magnifying element when you press down to make it really easy to see where you're erasing.

I can’t edit the text after I apply a blend mode.
Once you apply a Blend Mode that text box "flattens", meaning it becomes fused with the background so you will no longer be able to select that box to edit it. We do have a warning message that explains this when you tap the Blend Mode icon. If you accidentally applied a blend or just want to remove it, tap the blend modes button > then select “no blend mode”. This will remove it and you will be able to edit that text box again.

If you do want to use a Blend Mode just make sure it’s the last thing you apply when editing.

How do I layer a photo within a photo?
We have this as an optional paid feature called the “Photo Fill Tool”. It is $0.99USD or you can buy Font Candy+ for $2.99USD which has this and all other paid features unlocked.

Once you have this feature, open the color selector toolbar > choose the library or camera icon > then take or select the photo you would like to fill your text box.

Can I resize the photo fill in Font Candy+?
Right now it's extremely hard to adjust the size of the photo fill because the image needs to be the same size as the entire background photo. You can move the image around to show a certain part. You can also use a different resizing app then use that photo as the fill.

How to add color to text and background?
You need to select the color for the background and text separately. The Color button affects the color of the text fill and the Image icon affects the background image like adding filters, colors, or blur.

For example, if you want to have red text over a blue background image:

Open the app select your photo and type your caption
Press Color on the bottom toolbar (second icon from the right) > select Red for your text color
Press the Image icon (far right)
Select the color wheel on the left
Choose blue for your background color.

Can I upload a file like a logo/watermark or .png into Font Candy?
We are adding in a feature to Font Candy+ that will allow you to import your own .png files including logos. In the meantime, you can create your own design in Font Candy and save it to “Your Sayings” to use as a watermark.

Open the app and create your design (the photo you choose as the background will not be saved only the text so just choose any photo you like) > press the “Sayings” button on the bottom toolbar > press +Add button that appears above the tile titled “Your Sayings”. This will save the text you have designed. Any time you’d like to apply your new Saying to a photo you can open the app > select your image > press Sayings > Your Sayings > and select the saved design.

Can you save a project to finish later?
Unfortunately we do not have a feature to save unfinished projects, but we do have an option to save quote designs that you have made in the app and add them to any photo and even re-edit the designs. It’s called “Sayings”.

To use it:

Open the app and make your edit. The photo you choose as the background will not be saved, only the text and artwork.
Press the “Sayings” button on the bottom toolbar.
Press “+Add” button that appears above the tile titled “Your Sayings”. This will save the text you have designed.

Any time you’d like to apply that specific design to a photo you can open the app > select any image > press Sayings > Your Sayings > and select the saved design. This will open the project as you have saved it and you will have another chance to re-edit anything if you like.

I can’t find all of my Facebook photos!
When you first open the Facebook section in Font Candy it pulls up only one album at a time, usually the "Mobile Uploads" album. If you want to switch to a different album just tap the album title -- in this case "Mobile Uploads" -- and a dropdown menu with all of your Facebook albums will appear. Just select the album with the photos you want to use.

I downloaded a photo, but it’s not appearing in the app.
We recently optimized for PhotoStream and iCloud so now the app is actually reading the metadata of the image and integrating it into your Camera Roll by the date the image was taken, not the date the image was downloaded to your device.

The image should be in your Camera Roll, just not at the very top. If you scroll down you should be able to find it sorted by date taken. For example, if I took a photo in June then emailed it to myself in November, when I download it to my iPhone and open Font Candy it will be with all the other images that I took in the month of June. You can always create a separate album in your camera roll for images that you have downloaded to make it easier to find in Font Candy.

My GIF isn’t working when posting to Facebook.
Facebook does not support GIFs directly uploaded to the platform. You must first upload your GIF to a website to host it then post the link to Facebook. Click here for more info on this from Facebook. Alternatively, you can also save as a video and post the video directly to Facebook.

Where is the Undo button?
Font Candy editing tools are dynamic editing tools, meaning there is no undo button. Just tap the tool again and re-edit the caption. For example, if you select one font but want to change it back to the initial font you would need to tap the font list and choose the original font. Or if you want to undo the placement of your text box you would just move it to reposition it. The only tool that has an undo option is the eraser tool.

Is there a desktop version? Can I use this on my computer?
We do have Font Candy available for Windows devices which will work on any device with Windows 8 including desktops. Font Candy iOS is only available for mobile devices at this time.

+ Fused

I need a tutorial.
Fused essentially lets you make your own filters by adding a background image and a foreground image. The different blend modes change the way the images and colors are layered. I would suggest starting by using one black & white image and one color -- the contrast really helps to show what each blend mode does. We have some awesome black and white images in the free Artists Packs so be sure to check those out!

We have an official video tutorial in the works. In the meantime, check out this user-made tutorial to get the basics!

The Free blend modes don’t work.
Since you are layering your own photos it’s hard to predict the final outcome. Every photo you choose will look different since the way the app works is to allow you to make you own filters through layering. We have found that using one black & white image results in some really cool final products because the contrast is so sharp. You can check out some of the free Artists Packs and use some of those images with your own. You can also use the eraser tool so only parts of the photos get layered, this looks really cool too!

Check out our Instagram @fused_app to see some examples, and check out this user-made tutorial to get the basics!

Why do I have to pay for the Artists Packs?
The Artists Packs and in-app tools are separate. There are a lot of cool photos and videos to use in the free Artists Packs and we will continue to add more free content and find more artists to work with.

How do you move/crop/rotate the photos?
You can press the “Arrange” icon which is the 4 arrows on the middle toolbar (far right). This will open the arranging options and you can select either the foreground or background then resize it, move it, rotate etc.

I want to be part of Artists Collections.
Thanks for your interest in our Artists Collections! Please contact us via email with a link to your website or Instagram profile. If we think it will work well in Fused we will get back to you to discuss details.

When will you release more tools and blend modes?
We are always looking to add more blend modes and tools for Fused. This is only version 1.0 of the app so we have a ton we’d like to add in future updates.

How do I undo an edit?
We offer an undo button for the draw/erase tool (paintbrush icon). When you have the draw/erase tool open you can swipe left on the checkmark, then you will see an undo arrow appear and you can delete the last bit you erased or painted.

If you are using one of the blend modes you can just move the slider back to 50% (halfway). That is where all of the blend modes start when you select them. Swipe to switch between each blend mode.

Can I add music to my Fused edits?
Right now we do not offer the ability to add music, but we are definitely looking into that for a future update. If you are using a video, we do support sound so whatever is on the video will play in the final product. For now, you could consider using another app to add sound to your photo then import it into Fused.

Can I make videos longer than 15 seconds?
Right now Fused only allow for 15 second video clips since it's mainly for sharing to social media like Instagram. This is only version 1.0 of the app so we may add in longer video times in a future update. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fused_app to stay up-to-date with any additional features we add!

Can Fused read .png transparency?
Currently Fused does not recognize transparency in .png files. Instead it treats the background around the image as either white or black. The best bet is to use the .png as the foreground image and use the draw/erase tool (paintbrush icon) on the middle toolbar to erase around the image. We are considering adding this in a future update.

I can’t Fuse more than two pictures at once.
Yes, Fused only allows you to layer 2 photos at a time: one for background and one for foreground. If you'd like to add another layer try blending the first 2 > save that project to your Camera Roll > then import the first project into Fused to add another layer.

Can I use Artist Collection photos for my blog, tee shirts, etc.?
Yes! All of our Artists Collections are free to use for both personal or commercial purposes. If you share your work, make sure to shout out the artist!

Is there a way to make one part of the picture blend?
Fused has a Masking tool as a pro feature, it allows you to restrict the areas you would like to layer. It is the paintbrush icon on the middle toolbar, then choose from various shapes or freehand.

I just purchased some upgrades. Where do they go?
It depends on the purchase you made. You will notice the tools that were once greyed out are now available to use. If you bought one of the Artists’ Collections, when you go and tap on that Artist Collection it will open the images instead of showing you an ad to buy them.

+ Animal Face

Are you going to add more animal faces?
We are definitely on the lookout for more masks to add. You should see some coming soon in a new update!

How do you restore purchases?
To restore your purchases open the app and begin a photo like usual. Then tap on one of the locked masks or borders. When the ad pops up you will see a “Restore Purchases” button at the top right. Tap “Restore Purchases” and follow the prompt. Email us if you have any concerns!

Are you developing Animal Face for Android?
We are happy to announce that Animal Face is available for Android devices! Download it here!

+ Moments

Is there a tutorial for Moments?
*We are working on some tutorials! In the meantime, the easiest way to get familiar with the app is to try making a Flipbook project.

Select Filpbook > choose images from your library > once the photos are imported you can control the speed/looping (with the icon on the far left), add text, add a song from your music library, add frames, or filters.

Moments uses photos to create videos. The different modes offer you different ways of capturing those photos:

Flipbook lets you choose from your Camera Roll
Time-lapse lets you set your device down to automatically capture one photo at set intervals (milliseconds, seconds, or minute). This is great for capturing a sunset or sunrise.
Stop motion lets you manually take photos by pressing or holding down the camera button. This is good for animation type videos or if you want to capture images by hand.

Check out our Instagram page @moments_app to see what types of projects can be made!

How do you slow down or speed up the video?
Tap on the Adjustments icon on the middle toolbar (far left) > then turn off Instafit > now you will see a Frame Rate slider bar > move it to the left to slow or the right to speed it up. If you want to share to Instagram it's a good idea to turn on Instafit again so it automatically sets your video to 15 seconds.

I'm getting the following error message: “Upload was unsuccessful due to possible copyrighted material.”
This is an issue with copyright and Facebook policy, not with the app. When you buy a song from iTunes you have permission to listen to that song on your registered devices, but you do not always have permission to publicly share that song which is why Facebook is giving you that error message. You might need to change to a different song or share without the song. Copyright restrictions vary from song to song.

How do I access other music saved on my phone not just the iTunes purchased songs?
Unfortunately, right now Moments can only access music saved to your Music library so you would need to download the music file to your device.

Can I add more than one text caption?
Currently, Moments only supports one text caption like a title or a credit. So what you are describing would not be possible. We do plan on adding more text editing options in a future update!

Is there a way of putting two projects together?
There is no way to merge projects inside the app itself. You can save each project then merge them using a different app like iMovie.

How do I select pictures from my photo library?
If you want to use photos already in your device just use the Flipbook mode to start a project. The other modes (stopmotion and timelapse) are only for real-time shooting. Flipbook mode with bring up your camera roll to choose images or if you log in with Facebook you can also use any images from there.


If you have any questions regarding our apps email and we'll get back to you.